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Move to Mexico and Start Living the Dream

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a warm and friendly place, waiting to be enjoyed. Access to all the comforts of home, with just the right diversity of cultural and adventure activities, beautiful beaches and excellent places to eat and drink, this city really offers something for everyone! From fine dining restaurants, art galleries, and luxury resorts to open-air markets and opportunities to “live like a local.” It’s no wonder this stretch of Mexico is the number one destination for visitors and locals alike.


  • Are you a couple years (or less) from retirement and looking to Puerto Vallarta for your next chapter?
  • Do you consider investing in Puerto Vallarta for rental income until you retire?
  • Would you like to learn about owning in Mexico and don’t know where to begin?



View our Puerto Vallarta homes for sale and find your dream home in this tropical paradise. We have ocean view real estate in Puerto Vallarta and much more!


After over a decade living in Puerto Vallarta, I am the expert that can help make your transition to Puerto Vallarta smooth and easy! My specialty is taking the time to get to know you and to offer you a personalized service as you discover your ideal piece in this tropical paradise. Contact me for more information on how to start living the dream.


If you are not quite ready for retirement, but are actively preparing for the future, there are great opportunities for you. Puerto Vallarta happens to be one of the best markets for a vacation rental property that will provide an excellent income and cash flow for your rental property investment. So, if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a second vacation home somewhere sunny, consider Puerto Vallarta!


Christina is here to help YOU!